S Stephanie

At Sarah Anderson's Word Barn opening reading....

S Stephanie holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and lives in Manchester, NH where she teaches English and Creative Writing for the NH Institute of Art.  She is also a Mentor in their MFA in Creative Writing Program.  Her poetry and reviews have appeared in many literary  magazines such as The Birmingham Poetry Review, The Café Review, The Larcom Review, The St. Petersburg Review, The Southern Review, The Sun, and Third  Coast. She has three chapbooks, Throat (Igneus Press),  What the News Seemed to Say  (Pudding House Press), and So This Is What It Has Come To  (forthcoming from Finishing Line Press). She published and co-edited the poetry magazine, Crying Sky: Poetry & Conversation 2005-2007 with her late husband, the poet W.E. Butts, and has been engaged in the writing community for many years, offering workshops, organizing readings and writing events.  She is a retired nurse of 26 years where she worked in Women’s Health, Dermatology and Gerontology.

    sample one of her poems below

If Only

If only the bowl of apples

 had not been left out so long

If only we had watered the rose bush

a little sooner in summer

If only we had  not let the cat out

 into the evening field

Or at least voted ‘yes’

 to build the town a new library

If only the mumbling bag lady

had caught the bus driver’s eye

And we had decided

 on metal for the dinette set

And something in fire engine red

for transportation

If only we had said “ticking clock”

 as our very first words

If only the blanket we’ve dragged

 behind us all these years

Was made of something

other than thread